Transit Security

Transit Security for International Travellers in India

We provide specialised security and protection for foreign travellers who travel around India and visit the many sites. We also provide trained commandos from various backgrounds and with various real life-training programs from the Indian forces. You can use this service for an airport-to-airport drop or from one city to another city or even if you just plan on sight seeing.

India is a vast and beautiful country with an unbelievable diversity. It is a delightful place for travellers and back packers. However, like in many other countries, India has regions, which are not safe. Jammu & Kashmir and certain states in North East India are not safe because of terrorism. Also, there are restricted areas where foreigners are prohibited. In addition, unexpected unrest and strikes could put a spoke in travel plans. There have been incidents of Individual travellers and women getting assaulted and robbed. Few incidents of sexual assault and killing of women also have taken place.

Travellers are advised to go through the Travel Advisories issued by your governments and consulates in India. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you plan your visit and take all measures to stay safe.

Lynx Group provides safe travel and stay arrangements to tourists visiting India. Once you plan your itinerary, share with us before you reach India and we shall arrange safe airport pick-up and stay in safe hotels as per your budget. We also provide safe travel arrangements to any destination that you may have planned. In addition you may employ the services of highly reliable Personal Security Officers. Our security shall be unobtrusive, leaving you to enjoy your stay alone or with your friends.

We shall help you – Stay Informed, Stay Connected and Stay Safe!

All personnel are either from the Army, Air Force, Navy, CRPF, BSF, etc who have a vast experience in dealing with real time situations, mob management, hand to hand combat, weapons training, bomb sweeps and evacuations, etc.

Our staff selection or sub contractors are highly trained and well travelled and worked at various assignments safe guarding diplomats, business executives, visiting dignitaries, foreign tourists, etc.

We can provide male or female personal security officers, body guards, bouncers, armed and unarmed for customized vacations or limited periods to keep the client safe during their visit to India.

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